There are a lot of suggestions in matters of using passwords. A lot of them are meaningful but hard to realize. One of them is to use completely different passwords for each account you have. But how many completely different passwords can you have in mind? Users are lazy and there is a small path between security and convenience. For that, many users use password managers, that are able to generate and store passwords in a safe manner (for example ANOTHERpass). But some users don’t trust them or want to have the full control over their passwords. What if you have forgotten your master password? Other users only use one password for all which is of course dangerous. Or they write their passwords on paper and dig it somewhere. Which could be fine.

So which kind of user you are?

  • Using a password manager for all? Then this app is nothing for you. Use ANOTHERpass instead ;-)
  • Using only one password for all? Then you should think about your password strategy.
  • Using completely different passwords and try to keep them in mind? Tough, try the app!
  • Doing a compromise and using different passwords, adapted from a few base passwords? Sounds doable with this app.

And how?